Resolution Solution

As the New Year looms large,
Many will consult,
Their old resolutions,
To assess results.

And I’m happy to say,
That I’ve done my best,
Despite minor upsets,
A rousing success,

It seems every issue,
That once did exist,
I have finally been able,
To cross off my list.

And for this I can thank,
The judge, and my lawyer,
A fine legal system,
Restraining orders.

And next year we can see,
Just who will be thankful,
When they take this tracking,
Device off my ankle.


46 thoughts on “Resolution Solution

  1. So.. what you are saying is.. it wasn’t the ankle bracelet you asked Santa to bring you? (love the list.. 4 cracked me up cause I could see the progression so vividly)

  2. How you make me laugh, Marissa. I don’t do resolutions because every time I had in the past, I would always set myself up for disappointment. I “improve” as I go along, hippity-hoppity-boo. LOL Have a great day, my friend! Love, Amy

  3. Since I know that I always come through on my resolutions, here are mine for 2015:
    1.Gain weight.
    2.Exercise the remote control on my tv more.
    3.Drink more.
    4.Be the boss everybody wants to stand up to.
    5.Start a harem. (That could be the answer to number five, then again. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.)
    6.Get more junk.
    7.If I don’t get all of these done, definitely plan on doing numbers 1 – 3.

  4. My resolution for the new year is put all medical professionals in one room and have them diagnose each other while I sit behind a one way window and see how long it takes for them to go at each other for miss diagnosis

  5. I love reading your blogs first thing in the morning! I start my day off with a good laugh … and you delivered again!! πŸ˜€
    … and if the poem wasn’t funny enough, the image at the end was ice cream with the cake. #4 is the best!! πŸ™‚

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