Frankincense and Murder

With Christmas coming their way soon,
All are getting frantic,
Making plans and assigning roles,
For the winter pageant.

But by and by the claws come out,
An ugly scene indeed,
As each mother becomes convinced,
Her child play the lead.

For it could not be Candy Lynn,
That would just be scary,
A girl who goes to second base,
To play Mother Mary?

They cast Joanne’s boy as Joseph,
Goodness what have they done?
Surely not for his acting but,
‘Cause he’s the pastor’s son.

Little Ron as Baby Jesus,
A strange choice for the savior,
At 6 foot 4 most really doubt,
He’ll fit into the manger.

So the day of the play arrives,
Parents mad and snobby,
Tension you can cut like a knife,
As they crowd the lobby.

Mrs. Smith and Winters argue,
And it ends bitterly,
In a fight where both nearly fall,
Over the balcony.

And Mrs. Adams is outraged,
Her feelings run amuck,
See if she brings her prized meatballs,
To the church’s potluck.

But the play goes off well enough,
Despite drama and doubt,
And the many props that fell and,
Mikes that kept going out.

The children had a lot of fun,
In their acting premier,
But most would never act again,
Or participate next year.

And though they will not admit it,
I think deep down they know,
It was the sheep and not the leads,
That really stole the show.

And in the end we’re all left with,
Those few bitter mothers,
Now just a bunch of old ladies,
Who still hate each other.

Thank you to Bright Spots and her post The Christmas Pageant Rat Race for the inspiration!


44 thoughts on “Frankincense and Murder

  1. Sounds like my town! I live in a very small town and this type of parental sniping is magnified. The kids don’t even care ! While the parents are busy grousing, their kids are probably outside playing.

    • Oh, so true. You know, it was another bloggers blog that set this off in my mind, to actually write the poem, but it actually magnified a lot of what was and is going on in my son’s rock school and I have to admit, I have not been completely innocent. Starting to get better about it now.

  2. In this day and age, your kid’s pageant ends up on You tube. Your kid can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag. There’s your kid for all the world to see. Man, now is what I call embarrassment.

    • Yes, quite. Well, you know that sad thing is, is that people are often vicious to kids on Youtube. I see my son’s rock school friends have videos posted and there are always comments like ‘He sucks’. Mind you, these are pretty talented kids. Imagine if they weren’t!

      • You’ve got to have tremendously thick skin to put your stuff out there. Your son’s friends are pretty brave! I had a friend start a photography group on Facebook and he had to turn the group private because folks were getting on there and telling people how horrible their pictures were. I mean… sheesh… just move along if you don’t like what you see!

  3. Hahaha! So many stage mothers (and fathers, too!)
    I remember one parent in my child’s pre-K complaining to the teacher why her son was not chosen for the stage play. Oh dear, she made a scandal! Whew!

    • Sorry to have conjured that. I have a twin sister and she always went for the lead roles so I was always the only one in the class who never even tried out for the lead. I always thought I would shine anyway. And as for the other kids. well imagine their surprise when they found out the second to the lead role was already cast and they would need to be background!

      • I could imagine of you there… to be in a shadow of one’s sibling is quite difficult for any child, i had that with my elder sister… though for me i could never felt strong enough to be a part of such functions, remaining away i always convinced myself i could do that too… may be we are better with our imaginations… but here we are happy and scribbling…

  4. Having had my share of acting and backstage production in several plays (mostly church related), I can tell you this brought chilling memories to me of the parents. If ever you wondered what a child’s problem was, it’s not hard to figure out. All you have to do is look because it’s apparent.

  5. wow 🙂
    I’m the kind of mom begging that my kids are not in the play so I don’t have to go and watch it. It’s painful!!
    In the former school ALL the kids had to participate. I was like this: “please let them be the rocks so I don’t have to rehearse anything”… I’m a horrible mom 😀

  6. You never seize too make me smile Marissa. This used to happen every time at the church I used to attend in Accra. Everyone wanted her children to be cast as leads, causing havoc in the end.

  7. The grain of Truth with this is right on. The parents most times spoil children’s fun. How sad that some adults have forgotten how to play and to just stop competing. Great poem, Marissa. I really enjoyed it. Love, Amy

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