Everything Happens For A Reason

Clever comebacks come to us,
When lying on our backs,
And fill us with conviction,
That ‘we should have said that!’
But outcomes do elude us,
When reclined in our beds,
Perhaps these cunning retorts,
Are better left unsaid.



33 thoughts on “Everything Happens For A Reason

  1. Yes, HA! This is so me. “I shoulda said this…. I coulda said that….” I am probably the only one who would use a time machine to go back and redo conversations. And also because…. “I coulda had a V-8!” 😉

    • Oh no, absolutely and good for you! I love to tell people off and always encourage anyone to open their big mouths. I’m just talking about conversations and arguments where you feel like things could have gone better and then you regret not having said more. The point is, even though those remarks seem like they would have been perfect, you never know how they will be taken.

  2. It’s ususally the cunning retorts that I think AFTER the fact, when in fact, I stood just blank. OR when stirred or tired, oops, out comes flying something I wish I hadn’t said. LOVED this, Marissa. Love, Amy

  3. Thanks to Jonathan Caswell for RP. I must say, I was always the QUEEN of smart-ass retorts, and they always (usually) (no, almost always!) got me in hot water. Part and parcel of the divergent mind, but still, sometimes it’s better to think of them later… Loved this post. Amy in Madison, WI

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