Break the Cycle

Don’t get me a gift for the holidays,
These words I implore to you,
Don’t get me a gift for the holidays,
Cause I don’t wanna get one for you.



42 thoughts on “Break the Cycle

  1. This reminds me that my sister is going to kill me when she gets the gifts I wasn’t supposed to send her and the kids! I intentionally waited until today to ship them. That way, she won’t have time to reciprocate. There were just some small things I wanted them to have :). I’m such a rebel!

      • No gal. That means if the preselective option taken is not in alignment with standards adhered to by certain sections of out society then certain society habits are not within those of others. Thus, a right or wrong judgement would be wrong in judging those standards and habits without assessing fully the other options available. See? TTFN

    • You are more than welcome to do that.
      Disclaimer: The author of this poem takes no responsibility for what might happen if this poem is sent to a member of your family, friend or any other relation!

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