12 Days

I had a man at Christmas who,
Was just too romantic,
I prayed the season would end soon,
I was getting frantic.

Although I must admit to you,
I was also amazed,
Same as the song, the gifts he gave,
On each of the 12 days.

(Although whether there are 12 days,
I don’t really believe,
And often only can count 2,
Those Christmas Day and Eve.)

I tried hard to control my tongue,
But soon I was reeling,
I had to let my anger out,
The hell with his feelings.

“After all this time you should know,
I’m just not a farm gal,
So take the doves, the hens, the geese,
The fowl is smelling fowl!

This partridge looks suspiciously,
Like a pigeon to me,
But either way it seems he shat,
All over the pear tree.

Ladies dancing, maids a milking,
Looks like you did recruit,
The members of the Spice Girls and,
Their entire dance troop.

The lords never will stop leaping,
Although I do suppose,
They are quite eloquently groomed,
And have great taste in clothes.

The pipers they pipe gleefully,
Which could be a delight,
If they played something other than,
Traditional bagpipes.

Those drummers drumming, there’s a gift,
That I could understand,
Until I found all 12 of them,
Already quit my band.

But those golden rings I will keep,
From my Christmas Cupid,
I may be a bit of a grinch,
But mama ain’t stupid!”

And as for my poor old boyfriend,
And what happened to him,
Well you might say that my tirade,
Ended in a win win.

I told him what I thought and he,
Didn’t run off weeping,
But with 2 milk maids on each arm,
And three lords a leaping.


30 thoughts on “12 Days

  1. If I could like this 100 times I would!!

    From 2 days not 12 (you’re a smart gal) to the partridge looking like a pigeon (thank you!!!) to the lovely dressed Lords (oh… I do agree) to the drummers quiting (devas… all of them!!) to keeping the gold (HECK YEA!!… 2 point for being smart) to a perfect ending (who would not want to trade in 1 for 5? Unless we talking about husbands, in that case I’ll stick with 1)

    Loved it friend and I’ll be sharing on FB (not like they’ll deliver it to anyone πŸ˜‰ They must be friends with the drummers drumming!!! DEVAS!!)

  2. I was actually thinking when does the countdown to Christmas actually begin? It’s such a weird song when you think of it. But very popular and honestly, I like it too. I could’t get it out of my head! The counting down just won’t stop. In the Phils, it starts as early as Sept., when the months of ber start rolling in!

    Mama ain’t stupid!” Love that line! Hahaha!

    • Wow, that’s really early. I actually found something on the internet that explained what each of the 12 days were but they were days I never knew existed and I honestly can’t remember any of them!!

      • It didn’t occur to me to look that up. I never really thought there is an actual meaning behind the countdown. I always thought somebody made it up and caught on. Just like the “Hallmark” days. I’ll look it up and see what I’ll find :-). You see, posts like yours make me dig deeper. I like it πŸ˜‰

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