Circle of Life

I stare into her nostrils,
Held to her bosom tight,
Which threaten to spill over,
On to mountains of white.

Pressed between her and her man,
For a sloppy kiss,
Then above her head I sail,
I’m released from her fists.

And before I know it,
I’m flying off like crazy,
As the wedding band breaks out with,
‘All the Single Ladies’.

Women try to reach for me,
They bite, pull hair and claw,
Until I end up with a,
Spinster sister in law.

She puts me into water,
And now it’s up to fate,
Whether she’ll get married soon,
Or even get a date.

I’d let you know whether she,
Found romantic passion,
But, you see, she had 8 cats,
In likely spinster fashion.

So a set of fang-like teeth,
A pair of real sharp claws,
And some flying fur would be,
The last thing that I saw.



59 thoughts on “Circle of Life

  1. I can’t buy roses for my wife and expect them to last more than 3 days before the cats have totally destroyed them. Well, one cat.. the other one has no interest. But, I’m sure that commentary does not help matters in making a case for me not being that crazy cat person… (I use to have 3, one died)… and there I go giving more ammunition… it’s like I can’t stop….

  2. A highlight moment at every reception, Marissa, done from an exciting new slant. The bouquet surely uses all of its petal mettle to lean away from Auntie Mabel. But her arms are long and swift from years of capturing the cats!! Great poem, my friend.

  3. So funny and so true! After working close to 100 weddings over the past two years, I’ve learned that the beginning of “All the single ladies” is my cue to walk away. The frenzy is just too embarrassing to watch. The “blood trail starts here” has never been more appropriate. I’ve seen blood, bruises and torn dresses…all caused by an otherwise innocuous bunch of flowers!

  4. Sometimes your post shows up on my WP mobile app Reader and sometimes it does not. Have to check your site (like now, I did) and make sure I don’t miss any. So I unfollowed you then clicked follow again. Maybe that’ll reset it.

  5. Marissa, I did not catch that it was from the flower’s view. Very clever! As for the spinster, if she has 8 cats, oh my, what does that make me? LOL I really enjoyed this! Thank you. Love, Amy

    • Well, you are certainly not a spinster, that is for sure!! I’m glad you enjoyed this one. It’s no surprise it hit home for you as you do seem to enjoy your flowers. Maybe next a personification of what the flowers are thinking as you’re photographing them?!

      • In all seriousness, Marissa, some of the words I write that I put with some flowers, were “heard” from that flower. Kid you not. I’ll give you an example. The image that came out really soft, a “mistake”, when I looked at it, I “heard” the words that are now on Petals. So, yes, for real, the flowers and Nature, do speak to me. Yep, sure do! And as for being a spinster …. that I am not, no, yet I have more then 8 cats. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

      • Friend, there are times I am amazed what comes from me, as I sit back and say, “I wrote THAT?” Wow! I am so humbled that I have this ability to do this. I don’t know how I do it, it just happens. I had this as a child as well, but, I scared most people with it, including my mother, who did her best to squash this Gift that is in me. Years later, this Gift came back to the surface. And I am glad it did!!! Hope you are having a great weekend!! Love, Amy

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