The Final Countdown

Silly Sally ran a tally,
Of all the days to be,
19 days until Christmas,
25 to New Year’s Eve.

71 ’til Valentine’s Day,
Will roll around again,
122 ’til Easter and,
Just one ’til the weekend.

And so the days went passing by,
With no time to reflect,
For whether good or whether bad,
Time to look towards the next.

Years passed and she got older,
She never wavered from,
Her great enthusiasm for,
Waiting for days to come.

When she lay on her death bed,
Sally was heard to speak,
That Christmas Day would come at last,
Exactly in two weeks.

But Sally’s counting came to nought,
As her obsessive ways,
Would lead her to breathe her last breath,
After just 13 days.


40 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

    • Yes, well children do it to the max. Then I guess as we get older, most of us realize how silly it is. I still think there are many who do it as holidays and special occasions get near. It’s hard not to.

  1. A great reminder to live in the moment and not count on going any further. A lifetime of waiting for dear old Sally…..poor thing….I wonder if she’s still waiting…..

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