The Nerve Of Some People

imgres-10As I sit bored in the office,
The clock hands inch on by,
There’s nothing very pressing here,
To utilize my time.

So I look to the computer,
Onto Facebook I log,
Before I know it I’m caught up,
In someone else’s blog.

Transported to another world,
I see before my eyes,
Each page a juicy peek into,
Some random strangers’ lives.

The office door flies open and,
Without any warning,
My boss walks over to my desk,
Not even a good morning.

I’m frantically attempting and,
I’m praying and I’m hoping,
To quickly shut these illicit,
Windows I have opened.

My boss just stands behind me,
Sternly shakes his head no,
“It’s the third time that I’ve caught you,
I’ll have to let you go.”

So sadly an employment search,
Becomes my daily strife,
But it’s always my mission to,
See the bright side of life.

For a great lesson I have learned,
And now it’s clear to see,
I need a boss who knocks before,
He barges in on me.


52 thoughts on “The Nerve Of Some People

  1. Oh I know! I had a similar post about people who FB at work. And it just annoys and maddens me, especially on busy days. It may be mean of me to wish the same to “those people” but if their unfinished work would be piled on yourself, wouldn’t you wish that person/s would be let go, too?

    • Oh yes, definitely. I’ve been frustrated by many workers who attend to their personal business at work and then ask their co-workers to pick up their slack. Personally, I make sure my work comes first and only resort to social media when I’m bored. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, that is often!!

      • I’m glad we’re on the same page! We all got our busy and not so busy season. Just don’t let the boss catch you. If I’ve finished my work, I ask around on who needs help even if it’s only filing.

    • I’ve summoned the evil spirits…Actually we were given this challenge which was something like “You should have warned me” and I was blogging about thinking what to write when one of my co-workers walked in on me…hence the inspiration!

  2. Ah young Marissa I have a cunning plan! Either scoff a sufficiency of pulses (preferably curried) until you become gaseous, or in the alternative procure yourself a vile body odour sufficient to distress the chap. That way he will either knock first or not visit you at all…no…no really I will not be sending an invoice for my services what with me being a gentleman assisting a damsel in distress.

    • That’s an absolutely wonderful plan! I’m sure my friends and family will not mind at all…especially when I tell them this was all on the advice of the fabulous Mike Steeden. Well, then they will be running for your services…and we’ll just insist you pay!!

  3. I’m in a cubicle so it’s nearly impossible for someone to sneak up on me. Nearly…since I sit at the corner of two halls, the folks coming up the left can see my monitors as they approach and sadly I don’t always hear them coming. Thankfully they’re usually not the sort who could “let me go”. πŸ™‚

  4. OH!! Too funny and just SO true. How many do sit at work and instead of um working, do other things? Like me for example right now. Yes I am at home but I am supposed to be cleaning. I’m procrastinating. LOL Thank you, Marissa. I really enjoyed this!! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Yes, there are actually a few web sites I don’t log into at work just because I don’t know the password and I’m happy to leave it that way. I have enough to distract me! My job can get pretty boring though!

    • It was mostly fiction. I am unsupervised most of the day too so when I do get ‘interrupted’ it really is difficult for me to transition out of my little world and I am often trying to close windows on my computer when my boss or co workers come in. I think they know what I’m up to but just don’t say anything because I get my work done. Either way, I haven’t been fired yet!

    • Oh, yes, must stay away from those or it would be the end of me for sure. My husband once had a guy work for him who just sat in the back and watched those “eyebrow raising” websites all day. After that we had the back office sanitized.

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