The Rock Star’s Wife

Your faded words only wear thin,
Days pass, they come to bore,
Your thoughts just lines upon a page,
That I can feel no more.

The notes you play on the guitar,
Can not bring back old times,
Or memories of when they sent,
Those shivers up my spine.

The girls that threw themselves at you,
Like some pieces of meat,
Take them as I no longer wish,
To win you or compete.

The way you throw your hair around,
It used to make me tick,
But now it has become old hack,
Some tired circus trick.

This consuming role I have played,
I no longer covet,
Only I know those fancy shirts,
Hide a mounting stomach.

So those silly teeny boppers,
No longer will pretend,
When they wonder if you have,
Room in your heart for them.

But maybe after years gone by,
They’ll start to understand,
The reason that the rock star’s wife,
Ran off with the mailman.



43 thoughts on “The Rock Star’s Wife

  1. So much of your writing reminds me of very specific times of places. This is no different. Do you recall the movie “The Wall”, and the song is “Nobody Home”? The rockstar on the road, whose life was blinded by the light. Well done, Marissa!

  2. I definitely hear the music in this one, Marissa, perfect for the faded rock star. Your words delight, and again I am amazed, how you do what you do so well. Have a wonderful day!!! Love, Amy

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