Fashion Victim

imgres-10He asked me to the movies,
I anxiously agreed,
And now I sit upon his couch,
Wond’ring where this will lead.

Although he’s quite seductive,
He’s yet to make a move,
He asks me to excuse him while,
He runs to the restroom.

No assumptions made as to,
The chance of getting lucky,
Perhaps I should just change into,
Something a bit more comfy.

For there is no mistaking,
That he was quite flirtatious,
I wouldn’t want to kill the mood,
To deal with my shoe laces.

So I look down at my boots,
And to avoid the awkward,
I think it’s best to take them off,
It’s really not too forward.

He comes back from the bathroom,
He very nearly scoffs,
He asks of me so mockingly,
Just why my boots are off.

I begin to take my leave,
Without missing a beat,
But first, of course, these stupid boots,
Must go back on my feet.

Though I planned so carefully,
I never really fathomed,
The situation so much more,
Awkward than I imagined.

56 thoughts on “Fashion Victim

    • Actually, this account is somewhat fictional but it’s based on countless similar incidents. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but in my younger years I would go out in lace up platforms, a bunch of bracelets and vinyl skinny jeans. After some experience, I knew enough to take them off before things got too hot and heavy. Thankfully, no one ever told me to put them back on!

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