Bad Reputation

Did you look at her today?
She thinks she’s all the rage,
It’s really not appropriate,
For someone of her age.

Her manner’s too aggressive,
Her nature unrefined,
She’s too opinionated,
I think she’s out of line.

Her poetry is quite crass,
It’s on the verge of libel,
She serves up frozen dinners,
And does not recycle.

Her wooden floors are not scrubbed,
It really is disgusting,
Her refrigerator’s top,
Needs a thorough dusting.

I’ve never seen them at church,
They probably are pagan,
The latest rumor has it,
They all worship Satan.

And what’s up with her children?
Does she think them rock stars?
They should have history books,
Instead of those guitars.

She should really tweeze those brows,
And straighten out her hair,
What do you think they say behind
Your back when you’re not there?


33 thoughts on “Bad Reputation

  1. Whispers in the community. Do you bit off bats heads as well? πŸ˜‰ Makes me think of a few lines from No more Mr. Niceguy….

  2. Ha, best not to know what people say …space cadet, rude, shy, messy, too reserved. But hopefully there are some good things in there, too πŸ˜‰ Guess we’ll just listen to some Joan Jett and forget about it.

    • I have to say, I don’t know you for anything but your good qualities…smart, funny, artistic…and I have never known you to be rude. Unfortunately for me, this is based on some events that are actually taking place in my life right now although I am trying not to let them bother me. Cranking up the Joan Jett is great for that!

      • That’s awful! I assumed you just wrote a clever piece on the cattiness and mean-spirited tendencies we are all guilty of on occasion. So sorry to hear it’s more personal.

        It’s a brilliantly written piece though. I’m pretty sure all those things could and have been said about me … except the poetry part. I don’t have a poetry-bone in my body πŸ˜‰

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