I Really Need A Hobby

I’m in The Who, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest,
And many a rockin’ foursome,
I’m 65% New York, and a wife that’s,
Just 42% awesome.

I’m a hipster mom who’s fit for kindergarten,
And if you think that’s peculiar,
I bet you didn’t know I’m Super Girl although,
My nickname should be Junior.

I’m some kind of peculiar creature from Star Wars,
That I never knew existed,
And apparently I’m on Facebook way too much,
Taking those asinine quizzes.


42 thoughts on “I Really Need A Hobby

  1. FB is my last resort for ‘entertainment’. I have gotten suckered in to taking a few quizzes, and I’m convinced that most are created by 14 year old girls. What’s more is they never get the answer to “What kind of ice cream” I’d be right!

  2. I tried leaving FB for about a year and some. Friends kept asking me if I’ve seen pictures of this and that. I felt left out. So I came back. I want to focus more on WP. Hmmm.. hobby? How ’bout meditating? Ohmmmm!

      • I’ve unfriended a lot of people then. My policy is if I haven’t met you, I can’t add you in FB. I’ve been very choosy. I only use it to connect with schoolmates and close friends. Oh and WP posts. Try not FBing in a week and see.

  3. Haha, awesome! This one made me LOL. I just took some dumb quiz today to guess my age based on what foods I like and whether I know what a cassette tape is. Why are they so irresistible to click on those quizzes…

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