Deliciously Debatable

History’s delicious debate,
Seems to be that of pie vs. cake,
Why it does seem nearly unfair,
With cake and all it’s stately layers.

It’s intense flavor variety,
Must send pie to minority,
For apple, strawberry and peach,
If I want fruit, that’s what I’ll eat.

Though some differ in conclusion,
Unequal frosting distribution,
Makes it seem almost a crime,
Swaying the arguments towards pie.

In utility pie gets the mark,
Whoever heard of a cake chart?
And it does little to compare,
In equaling to mc squared.

But all of this math’s too much work,
When I’m thinking about dessert,
So I’ll give all of this a break,
And I’ll just cast my vote with cake.

But my opinion might waver,
All depending on the flavor,
It’s chocolate pie all day and night,
If the cake is just plain old white.

A response toย Tom Balistreriย on his blog Ode To Pie.ย  Thanks for the inspiration, Tom!


48 thoughts on “Deliciously Debatable

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  2. I think I just gained half a stone just reading this… but I concur! Chocolate pie if the cake is white! All other flavours just wish they were chocolate anyway… why not just cut to the chase? ๐Ÿ™‚ Great poem — love it! MH

  3. Is there no subject you cannot conquer through verse? You are amazing….a true battle for your bulge here! Perfect again.

  4. Reminds me of the song Andie MacDowell sings in the movie Michael about pie. My personal preference is pie over cake any time. Especially sweet-tart cherry pie with vanilla ice cream! I’m not much for chocolate but the Marie Callendar’s chocolate silk pie is yummy!

    • I’ve never seen that movie. I’d say “I’ll have to check it out but since all things media related are controlled by my kids, small chance of that. Maybe a clip on Youtube? Anyway, you can sit at my table any time for dessert. I know you won’t make me share!

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