First she thought that Prince Charming,
Would come take her away,
She fantasized about him,
Through playgrounds and schooldays.
But his looks were too perfect,
Their love a fallacy,
She sought a man more offbeat,
With personality.

She thought that Holden Caulfield,
Might better suit her mood,
They thought everyone phonies,
They’d sit around and brood.
His sublime cynicism,
She found quite refreshing,
‘Til she sought the need for someone,
Older and less depressing.

Could Rhett Butler save her from,
Her materialistic phase?
She lived a world wind romance,
Out on a written page.
Handsome and rebellious,
But it did not go well,
When he said “I don’t give a damn,”
And she said “Go to hell!”

So time came for someone fun,
They’d hang out and joke, he’d
Treat her like the queen she was,
Good old Don Quixote.
For a while all went well,
Light hearted and farcical,
Til that fatal end brought thoughts,
Deep and philosophical.

So she looked up from her book,
And stared into the mirror,
And saw that an old woman,
Before her did appear.
Spoiled for all men by her,
Literary addiction,
For no one ever told her,
She was just reading fiction.


62 thoughts on “Fictiophilia

  1. My earliest Fictiophilia originated with TV shows. Morticia played by Carolyn Jones, and the Catwoman played by Julie Newmar. Yep.. I love Fictiophilia. πŸ™‚

  2. I liked this one. I like them all. But this one stood out for me. Why? I don’t know. lol They’re all good. πŸ™‚

    • Right! I guess in this case she never really got to the sharing her life part. I guess it’s just about women who are hung up on finding the perfect someone based on books and movies, and then they never end up with anyone.

      • Yeah, you’re right. However,the problem originates with men actually. πŸ™‚
        Most of us (not me) is afraid of women intelligent enough to converse with on equal footing. I hate to say this but some men want their women totally submissive, close to a slave really. I don’t subscribe to that.

    • Great to hear. I love books as well, obviously. I notice my reading of them has decreased since I’ve been blogging…time spent writing and reading other’s blogs. Oh well, no the worst trade off, I suppose!

      • Truth? I am having a harder and harder time finding quality books to read due to the quality here on WP. That is NO lie. I am shocked at the junk that is on the shelves at the library. Yes, even some of that junk I used to read but now? No. Yes I read a lot here on WP but, the quality is unmatched. And that includes YOU. Love, Amy

  3. How well done this verse is and again such a departure from your normal stomping grounds. I very much enjoyed your literary bent in this one!

    • I’m actually working on my first submission right now. Thank you for your vote of confidence. I did go to that site, by the way. Looks interesting. I will have to do some more poking around.

  4. I could totally relate to this! I used to base my “taste” of men from books I’ve read.. it did help on checking off the list of qualities to look for! But of course, it takes time and change to know someone well.
    Although whenever I find “Holden” in men, I find it really attractive … but then… haha!

  5. after reviewing your work , your about me Picture and your previous comments on my work I have decided to very tongue in cheek write a poem called Bass Player – I hope you enjoy

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