Voodoo Doll

Gina Christine you are so mean,
I know just what I’ll do,
I’m gonna get a voodoo doll,
That will look just like you.

I’ll stick some needles in it’s neck,
And some more in it’s eyes,
I’m gonna put some in it’s knees,
And some between it’s thighs.

I’ll take it out to the driveway,
Roll it around in tar,
I’m gonna leave it there to get,
Run over by a car.

And then we’ll see Gina Christine,
Just who can be so cruel,
When time comes I see you again,
Next Monday at school.

But came the weekend I did fret,
And I did shake with fear,
What would become of poor Gina,
As that Monday drew near?

Would she be walking on crutches?
Or wearing a neck brace?
Would she be sporting two black eyes?
Oh, what would be her fate?

And so that Monday came around,
And it was at that time,
I saw I needn’t have worried,
Gina was just fine!

But she was meaner than ever,
Curse my thwarted efforts,
I’ll return to the magic shop,
For a voodoo doll that works!



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