What Halloween Means To Me

Halloween comes once a year,
It’s not getting a fright I fear,
But rather the awful chore,
Of knocking on strange people’s doors.

Missing a warm home’s shelter,
Battling swarms of Annas and Elsas,
My kid’s costumes barely worn,
Yet cheaply made, already torn.

And what’s more, what really sucks,
I’m down about 100 bucks,
But to complain is crappy,
When my children are so happy.

And it will all be dandy,
If when they divide the candy,
They’re careful to oversee,
That all the chocolate goes to me.


54 thoughts on “What Halloween Means To Me

  1. I hated popcorn balls as a kid. But it seemed like everyone gave them out. Now i like them and they are a rarity. And the price for a bag is the grocery? It’s only popcorn!
    Good poem! πŸ™‚

  2. I totally expect to get hosed at the Halloween costume store. lol But, I love Halloween anyway. My kids offer up some candy, but only the really bad stuff. They’ll hoard the sour patch kids and gummy worms.

    • Yes, despite the poem, if you look at the costumes my children are wearing, that is actually almost all stuff we already had in the house. Homemade costumes are something we decided to do last year and it’s much more fun and way cheaper. As for the sour patch kids and gummy worms, my kids can keep theirs. It’s all about the chocolate for me.

  3. It very interesting to see via the blog world generally just how big an occasion Halloween is in the States. Also, enjoy this door knocking stuff with the kids while you can….in such a little time they are grown! Lovely verse..then again you knew that I’m sure.

    • Thanks Mike! You know, there are a lot of reasons why I am looking forward to seeing my children grow up, some selfish, some not. I enjoy working on the costumes with them, so if they choose not to dress up in a few years, that will be missed. The knocking on doors thing, not so much!

      • When G was growing up we lived in Devon where it’s all a bit Celtic so Halloween was a bit bigger there than it is in the South East where we are now. The thing was I really didn’t like kids out door knocking what with the occasional weirdo’s you get…endless worry for an old worrier like me.

  4. This is a perfect representation of what our upcoming Halloween!

    My daughter is going to Anna… I always drop over $100 (and don’t get $100 worth of chocolate in return… i’d say it’s around $40 worth)

  5. Keeping your eye on the prize, I see! πŸ™‚ I love how you’re mixing up the verse tones with this Halloween challenge…one day happy and cute, the next day scary and creepy. You really are a gifted individual!

    • Thanks! The thing is, if you think about most horror stories, they defy logic (no really!!). That’s why I’m trying to throw a lot of humor in there. Otherwise, everyone would just be saying, “Yeah, right!!”

      • Even a method to the madness. You really are quite something. Humour much appreciated though…a great idea.

  6. What kind of example are you? Didn’t your mother tell you that you must share the chocolate? And, oh yeah, those chocolate treats are for the trick-or-treaters. So keep your hands out of the bowl.

  7. This year the 14 year old is supposed to march at the football game so I’m paying the younger two $5 each to skip trick or treating. The youngest is planning to wear his costume to the game. Which is what the members of the band are doing too so it ought to be just dandy. I’m not sure attending a high school football game is much better than trick or treating, but at least I’ll get to sit down and we won’t acquire excess candy.

    • Yes, I suppose you are getting it pretty easy. It’s great that your kids are agreeable to that. I guess Friday nights are football nights and tis the season. I know other kids that are scheduled for games, but some of them are taking the night off.

  8. Do they really share their candy with you? Generous children! I remember my dad sneaking candy from my stash when I was little and I always got annoyed about it. I always saved the best for last, which was a really bad system in my family, where everyone else finished theirs first and then went for mine. Halloween has never been my favorite holiday, but I’m hopeful maybe it will be more fun with kids…I guess we’ll see soon!

    • Yes, my children do share candy with me. Of course, there is usually such a large amount of it that they really have no other choice other than to make themselves sick with it or keep it in the fridge forever. That’s a sad story about your dad though. Honestly, I never take it without them knowing.

      Yes, never really one for Halloween until the children got a bit older. I still am not crazy about the holiday, as you can see, but at least the costume part is fun.

    • Oh, yes, not their first time on the big blog. And actually, from the verse int the poem, you can see I am an Oct. 31 grinch too! Just a few redeeming qualities, one of those being chocolate and dark, dark, oh yes, please, dark!

  9. HA!!!! This is spot on perfect! And I hope you’ve seen the Jimmy Kimmel videos about telling your kids you ate all of their halloween candy. Hilarious!!!!!! And by the way, the adorable children???? The little girl reminds me of AUSSA (a blogger). Which would be funny to me if that’s what she was dressed up as. Though only a few of us would get it. πŸ˜‰

  10. My mother always grabbed the gum in our buckets because we were not allowed to chew it. And as for down $100, that stinks. These holidays always seem to end up with people spending money making others rich. My two thoughts worth. Have a great day, friend. Love, Amy

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