No Lovin’ In The Coven

Wherever I’d venture to go,
I’d always hide my little toe,
It’s nail curved at an odd angle,
And it seemed like it was mangled.

One day while I was at the gym,
By some unforeseen happening,
I’m telling you I was in shock,
To find I had forgot my sock.

A girl looked at my toe quite stunned,
Called to her friends, “She is the one.”
And then, without much discussion,
I was the leader of a coven.

At first we had a lot of fun,
We conjured spells from dusk to dawn,
But then I got a little bored,
With eye of newt and toe of frog.

But when to my friends I did say,
“I think I need a small vacay,”
It seems they did not take it well,
And wanted me condemned to hell.

And with this news I was bereft,
I thought that we were BFFs!
They tried to tie me to a stake,
I thought it best to make a break.

So I just had a thought ad hoc,
Said ‘Hot warlock at 10 o clock!”
And when they all looked to the right,
I stole away into the night.

So if a spooky girl comes round,
Please tell her I can not be found,
And let us again never talk,
Of what came of a forgotten sock.


42 thoughts on “No Lovin’ In The Coven

  1. The coven of the missing sock! πŸ™‚ Is that what those girls who were hanging out on the side of the gym were doing?

    • Yes, absolutely! Actually, hope this isn’t TMI but my husband seems to have some kind of hereditary gene of an oddly shaped pinky toe nail that both my children have inherited. I fear that if any curse it cast, I will be the first to find out about it!

  2. Ah….where is Dobby when you need him, huh? She’s in the same predicament as him…..all for want of a sock! Excellent writing once again. Can’t quite believe you’re keeping up with this challenge!

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