A Girl’s Guide To Dating Ghouls

I used to date a vampire,
I tell you that man was fine,
I told him “You can bite my neck,
Just about any old time!”
Sadly my folks did not approve,
With regret my heart did break,
When they told me to find a man,
Who enjoyed mom’s garlic steak.


So then I dated a werewolf,
And though for words he lacked,
I tell you that he really was,
An animal in the sack.
But that too came to a sad end,
And it was his decision,
After I subtly recommended,
A local esthetician.


So then I dated a zombie,
Not a great situation,
But I guess after the werewolf,
It was out of desperation.
But he was really very sweet,
So I tried not to complain,
Until once after nibbling my ear,
I caught him eying my brain.


And these forays into romance,
I suppose you might question,
But I was only following,
My dear mother’s suggestion.
Maybe this was not exactly,
What mother did envision,
But for now I’m afraid I’ll stick,
To artists and musicians.

50 thoughts on “A Girl’s Guide To Dating Ghouls

  1. Hah. Love the lost loves of yours……will the musicians and artists you stick to from here on out be alive or dead?

    • Oh thanks. The pics are actually hard for me since I usually just search the Google pics of what is labeled for reuse. This greatly limits my choices so I am always forced to be creative with my search terms. Luckily, you, as an artist, don’t have that problem. Glad you enjoyed.

    • Sorry. I’m in the train and my finger hit Post by mistake.
      As I was saying, I once dated a vampire too who sucked the life out of me.
      But I told myself that I only like two kinds of men. One a musician (a must!!!). Two computer geek. I ended up both! Although I would’ve loved it if he eats garlic steak too ;-D

  2. What a kick to read! You are a very creative poet! You are skilled and you think out of the box. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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