15 Minutes

The show started out on a high note,
Till they called forth the entertainers,
They criticized her performance,
And said that her ‘life’ was in danger.

And though she tried hard to smile,
And struggled to keep it together,
A shaky song portrayed a girl,
Of which her nerves had got the better.

So she faced a judging panel,
Imposing figures who all did frown,
As they told her just how badly,
Her last performance had let them down.

Then they thrust a mike in her face,
Assuring no one could accuse her,
An off key version sang through tears,
So they’d not think her a sore loser.

And so thwarted at all attempts,
And hopes of being rich and famous,
She returns to a simple life,
Of making ends meet as a waitress.

Noticing the furtive elbows,
Under the tables, the discreet kicks,
Of those who recognize the girl,
Who was defeated by Taylor Hicks.



33 thoughts on “15 Minutes

      • My son loathes this sort of contest – even though and millions like he have more talent on…….keep it clean Mike……the tip of their nose than these jokers! Still a great verse though – it provoked debate; a good thing.

  1. I’m so glad you gave her credit for being a good sport and going the extra mile. That’s most of what’s wrong with these shows in the first place….they only see the negative and never accentuate the positives.

  2. I love how on on these kinds of shows, they shove the mic under your nose at a point where you’ve just had your guts ripped out from disappointment and then ask, “how do you feel?” My husband hates it when they do that. He says, how do you think they feel, you fool. LOL. Just once, wouldn’t it be great if they were honest and told the person with the mic to eat dirt and die?

    • Thank you Elizabeth. That’s exactly what lead me to write this post…watching that happen. There was one girl who was crying and she told them she didn’t want to sing but they convinced her to in the end.

  3. Those talent shows I don’t watch so I am sad to say, in the dark on this one. I assume someone lost due to nerves, and from the little I do know of talent shows, that wouldn’t be hard to do. SO much pressure today to be perfect. When is the criteria going to max out? Ach! Don’t get me started. Hehehehehe Love, Amy

    • Yes, these shows are pretty dumb and I’ve really gone off them a bit myself. The main inspiration is the fact that after they are eliminated and really just feel like going off to cry somewhere, they make them sing. Then, of course, they get their 15 minutes for being second place to some other also ran. You’re better off without these shows. As usual, thank you so much for your comment, Amy!

  4. Hey, I love Taylor Hicks. No one ever sang the Beatles “Something” on Idol or anywhere else as well as he did. And he has become a much in demand live performer. Very good band, unbelievable great harmonica. He is an excellent musician and performer. And always that great voice. His two years in Vegas went well, he is a ton of fun to keep track of. A multi-faceted man. Seems to be always having a great time.

    • It’s great that you are a fan of his and honestly, as a musician who never really made it much of anywhere, I really shouldn’t knock anyone who had any modicum of success. Really, the poem was more a dig at the show than any particular artist. It is just unfortunate that Hicks is an easy rhyme. I like to have fun with my writing and I’m heavy on sense of humor with a satirical/cynical edge but I never really mean to hurt anyone.

  5. Oh, no problem. I just find that people seem to take shots at him and they really don’t know what he’s all about. I know he hasn’t had much recording and radio success and that’s what so many judge everything by. I judge by talent and that guy’s got it. If you ever get a chance, you should catch one of his shows sometime especially when he’s got his full band with him.
    Kats done pretty well for herself.

    • Yes, Gary. After writing the poem, my husband pointed out to me that it was Katherine McFee that lost to him although the poem wasn’t meant to be literally about either of them. It was just meant to capture the idea.

      Honestly, I am not a huge fan of the genre Taylor Hicks represents (although I really just defaulted to him for easy rhyme) but I once saw James Durbin perform at a benefit and was surprised by his talent and energy. He is another contestant I would otherwise be dismissive of. So I do know what you mean!

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