Betty Grable Under The Stars

She told me she was out today,
Running around with the girls,
Soda shops, sock hops, bobby socks,
Styled hair in rag tied-curls.

She said she spent the afternoon,
Over at the record store,
Listening to music for hours,
Buying all she could afford.

Last night she went to a drive-in,
With a dozen kids or more,
Betty Grable under the stars,
Piled into Daddy’s Ford.

She asked if I’d seen Mary Lou,
And she was quite implicit,
That the girl had promised her,
She’d be there for a visit.

Then she spoke of her dear husband,
“He’ll come by today, you know,
I’ll just sit down and wait for him,
Over here by the window,”

We sit there and I take her hand,
As a nurse peeks in to say,
“Ms. Silverman did we forget,
To take our meds today?”


23 thoughts on “Betty Grable Under The Stars

  1. Marissa, this was really touching :). Not to get too sappy but when my uncle was in the final stages of AIDS, I was visiting and had my hair in a high pony tail. When he saw me he started singing the song “Peggy Sue'” and for days after would say “Hi Peggy Sue” each time he saw me. It’s truly a lovely memory of mine and this post brought me back. Thanks for sharing.

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