Passing The Torch

She picks among discarded frocks,
Old clothes found in the dress-up box,
And laughs at what may well provide,
Makings of a princess or bride.

Boas, sequins, a joyous game,
Of what hangs off her tiny frame,
As you look on quite bemused,
She clomps around in high heeled shoes.

You think of how it is so sweet,
Barely they stay on her feet,
‘Til that day that she walks in,
And so innocently grins.

Seeingย that she has created,
An outfit so coordinated,
And incredulous you’re staring,
At attire you would not mind wearing.

Sexy, subtle, innovative,
Simple yet sophisticated,
Envy the look she put together,
And rue the day she wore it better.



37 thoughts on “Passing The Torch

      • Not in part or at all – it was a very ‘touching’ verse in a heart string tug way! I am never sarcastic with the opposite sex save for the wife on occasions – but only if she starts it!

  1. Yep. Right on down to this day, I envy my daughter’s wardrobe sense. In a good way, of course. She’s a bit of a fashionista, actually. Bless her. At least she keeps me from retiring to frumpville…

  2. Sweet story-poem. I’ve never had any fashion sense (nor did I really miss it) but youngest daughter has rubbed off via numerous window shopping excursions and now I think twice before taking something home. Not that it always works…

  3. Awwww….poor mother….she’s been displaced and I’m afraid there’s worse to come….wait till that little one is a teenager and can fill those clothes out! Oh, my. Am glad to only have sons.

    • I know. I actually had this work critiqued by a writing group before submitting. Of course the picture was not submitted. One of the ladies assumed there was some passage of time between the early dress up stages, and perhaps my daughter becoming a teenager. I was thinking, ‘That’s the sad part, she’s only 7!!’

    • Boys…my son actually likes to dress up occasionally, mostly if he is performing. Other than that I had to tell him to stop wearing a certain pair of shorts or they would stand up by themselves.

  4. So cute and yeah…she’s rockin’ it! I don’t have kids but I totally get it. There’s a reason that I hold on to an entire dresser of my former tiny clothes. I could give them away but I’d rather burn them than chance seeing some skinny bitch sporting my favorite concert T. I

    • Oh good, I’m glad. Always a bit concerned because sometimes I know I write things that may cater more to a certain type of audience. Of course, that is the reason I try to write a wide variety that might reach different types of people, but it’s good to hear that someone can relate to your blog when you didn’t expect it!

      • The clothes and accessories might be different but a young girl is always a young girl wherever she is. ๐Ÿ™‚
        I find it difficult to write a story in verse. You have great talent at it. I love your twists. ๐Ÿ™‚

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