The Haunting of Edith Goldstein

Here lays Edith Goldstein,
Devoted mother and wife,
May she ever rest in peace,
After such a lovely life.

But after funeral bells tolled,
And coffin doors locked shut,
Despite wishes of peacefulness,
Edith was anything but.

For when the clock struck midnight,
Until the eerie dawn,
They heard Edith moaning,
From the great beyond.

Her cries rose to banshee wails,
Chains rattled, cold winds tore,
Even through warm and sunny days,
Till they could take no more.

So they called in a medium,
To make some sort of guess,
Of what Edith had to say,
And put her soul to rest.

Ouija boards were consulted,
And seances were made,
All in attempt to find what Edith,
Asked from beyond the grave.

But forever doomed to march the earth,
She would never rest in peace,
For worry her oven was left on,
Or if her son was brushing his teeth.



40 thoughts on “The Haunting of Edith Goldstein

  1. You’ve certainly hit the nail on the head with this one. We love to worry about anything from the trivial to the profound, and sometimes from beyond the grave it seems. Having said that I love these vintage photographs and the thought that as she sat there thinking and feeling, she felt the same emotions expressed eternally

  2. You could have kept this on the cusp of one to scare the kids with yet you added to the cocktail that twist of humour at the end making the verse whole – rather like it. Splendid.

    • Thanks, yes tried to conjure the spooky. Actually, this was inspired by an article I saw about a woman who could be heard screaming from her grave. I thought, yep, I’d be screaming alright, but I guess these are the things that would keep me from eternal rest (i.e. whether my son was brushing his teeth, etc.)

      • My son was discussing his growing up over Shirley’s birthday dinner a couple of nights back and made mention of the fact that he hated it when he was younger when she would give him a swift kiss and ruffle his hair at the school gates – I recalled your poem on that very subject not so long ago! Mums will be mums methinks!

  3. Wonderful, Marissa. I can tell you for a fact there are no worries when we die. None. No looking back. Done. And straight to Bliss. NDE in 1984 and when told to come back, I did NOT want to. *sigh* I’m still here. xx Amy

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