Meter Reader

My creative juices, (6)
Are utterly useless, (6)
Dried up by a reader, (6)
Criticizing my meter. (7)

And yet I must say, (5)
If I had my way, (5)
I’d call it all bull, (5)
that each syllable. (5)

Should count up exactly, (6)
So matter of factly, (6)
Makes me uninventive, (6)
And anal retentive. (6)


29 thoughts on “Meter Reader

  1. Love it! I agree it is a tad anal retentive to stick to those rules, but I have found the brevity required and the limitations imposed have pushed me to consider alternate ways of expressing the same sentiment/meaning that then accidentally sound more poetic : )

    • Yes, I’ve kind of been working on a compromise where I’m adhering to those rules but not to the point where I feel I’m sacrificing too much of what I want in the poem and it’s not the worst thing in the world!

      • yeah, if you were sacrificing what you want in the poem, you’d have to ask yourself why you are writing in the first place.

        Unrelated…sometimes it is easier just to hit “like” but I really enjoy reading you poems- they make me laugh- sometimes just an internal, silent laugh, but sometimes out loud too. With the time difference, it is often at 3am while up feeding baby that I am reading with half shut eyes : )

    • Thank you and I would suppose you are right. However, the criticism didn’t come from just another reader. It was an editor (and let me stop there). But it makes me question my poetry if I move forward and try to get published.

  2. I was really getting into that and almost imagining the clapping when you wrote six, as if the crowd was sort of singing along with you. I could have done with a few more verses, because it seemed almost like a party to me, but then I do have quite an exciting and adventurous life

    • Thanks Peter. Well, you know, it;s funny because after receiving the criticism, I purposely went about writing that poem with the intention of writing something that did fit to a predictable meter. The fact that it was my first effort at doing such was the reason I kept the poem to 3 verses. Oh well, always leave them wanting more, right? Thanks for your comment!

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