An Unseen Threat

Lurking under the surface,
Never knowing when it might appear,
But praying that it stays hidden,
Until the day is here.

Or perhaps it will rear it’s ugly head,
And I would be overjoyed,
To engage it in battle until,
It finally is destroyed.

But whatever may come, so be my fate,
Yet I hope I am the victor,
Or rue the day the zit came out,
And ruined my year book picture.


22 thoughts on “An Unseen Threat

  1. You are on a roll this day young Marissa – a poem about a zit no less. Zit the curse of adolescence put to sword by the mistress of verse. By the way I never got them and was, back in the day so jealous of those who had spots to squeeze!

  2. I love that comment up there….THE MISTRESS OF MUST adopt this! It is so true! I cannot believe you wrote about a zit. What in the world ever put this in your mind?

    • Actually, I was responding to the weekly writing prompt which was to put an element of foreboding in your blog. Can’t think of anything more ominous than a zit. Not to mention, I’ve had my share of experience.

  3. OMG….this one hit so close to home, it really agitated me! lol. If I even plan any special vacation, get asked to be a bridesmaid (or worse plan my own wedding!) or simply rsvp “yes” to my high school reunion, two things for sure will happen: 1. What you just wrote so cleverly about and 2. It will become THAT time of the month.

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