Of Facebook friends I don’t have many,
Sometimes surprised that I have any,
Should I somehow feel put off,
When communication stops?

Their absence of likes makes me wonder,
If somehow I made a blunder,
Or maybe worse yet if,
I could be compared to Taylor Swift.

When revelation lifts me from the fog,
I fear they must have read my blog.


25 thoughts on “Revelations

  1. If your friends are like mine.. I seriously doubt they read your blog. The usual response I get from my friends when I say “I wrote about that in my blog the other day.” is the wide eyed look of.. ‘you write a blog?’… so much hate… so much hate.

    • You know it’s funny, I really don’t write my blog so my friends will read it. In fact, because I write about people I know so often, I kind of hope my friends don’t read it! However, every once in a while, someone comes over to me and tells me ‘I read your blog…’ and it just makes me think, ‘oh god, no!!’

  2. Never had a Facebook ‘like’ – how do you think I feel! Still I think I’ve cracked it this time for I shall wrap my entire body in blood stained bandages and post a photo of me feeding a small child with a cake I will claim to made all by myself and have a pet dog with just the three legs stood next to me – that should do the trick. Nearly forgot the flower arrangement I’ll have as a back drop – mustn’t forget that if I want ‘likes’.

    • Never had a Facebook like? Makes me wonder if you have a Facebook page. However, that photo does sound quite exceptional. I suggest that if you do have the gumption, wherewithal, and more than anything else, energy, to get yourself together for such a photo shoot, I suggest you post it to your blog as well. And by god, do not forget the floral arrangement!

      • I do have a Facebook page but these days post mainly through the sozsatire page but I still don’t get any ‘likes’. Still I do believe my cunning plan might just have legs.

  3. I recently started following a Facebook fad of not liking anything so Facebook couldn’t tailor my newsfeed based on the likes. It did appear to show me a great variety of stuff than before but it also makes me wonder if my friends think I haven’t seen their post or don’t care. So I started making comments but sometimes I feel like I’m giving some idiotic inane response. Oh, well.

    • That’s interesting. Usually when I notice a lack of response from my friends on my posts, I consider whether they just aren’t on FB or whether they are traveling, so maybe they are posting but not looking too closely at other people’s posts. It’s not until I see that they seem to be ignoring my posts exclusively that it gets me wondering.

  4. I often wonder if my blog is why my peeps don’t respond to me on FB. I think I annoy them. But by golly, I wonder if some of the writers of the 19th century would have been shunned by their family and friends on FB too. 😉

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