The Girl From Brooklyn

She swore that she would be,
Anything but what she was,
A hardcore biker mama,
After the highest buzz.

Out ’til all hours of the night,
Always raising hell,
Then she changed her name to Jezo Black,
(Short for Jezebel).

And swore her tattoos and her travels,
Her life experience,
Would serve to separate her from,
The girl that she was then.

So they took the girl out of Brooklyn,
To live a life of sin,
Only what would happen,
When she decided to come back in?

Which is exactly what did occur,
When with her new, cool, city friends,
She decided to see a concert,
Located where the D train ends.

Though she tried to hide under tables,
And avoid the stare,
Of a girl who’s conversation started,
“Hey, I know you from somewhere!”

And despite the mystique she laid out,
To me, she was from then on known,
As a plain, little girl from Brooklyn,
By the name of Laurie Cohen.


22 thoughts on “The Girl From Brooklyn

  1. Ahhh, poor little Laurie….never escaping her humble roots. Well, at least she can escape back to her new world and pretend for a while.

  2. Sheepshead Bay’s own. Knew her from Reynolds Junior High, Brooklyn College Academy (when it was still an experimental high school for at-risk youth), and beyond, but haven’t seen her in many years. Hope she’s okay.

    • How funny! I’m actually from the Sheepshead Bay area as well, but a little more inland, closer to Marine Park. I took a chance not using pseudonyms on this one, and am not at all surprised that someone who knew her popped up. I wasn’t terribly close with her but I think she’s had her ups and downs.

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