Celluloid Heroes

(A Poem For My Husband On His Birthday)

If I were to make a movie of my life,
For lack of anything better to do,
I’d probably cast me as me,
And I’d cast you as you.

And it just might be our luck,
To make it to the silver screen,
Where everyone would walk out except a brave few,
Who would hang out for the nude scenes.

They’d say the character development was thin,
They’d say the plot line was bleak,
They say the ending was unsatisfying,
They’d say the dialogue was weak.

And if a critic were to give it one to five stars,
It probably wouldn’t even rate,
But me and you would watch it every night,
And think that it was great.



30 thoughts on “Celluloid Heroes

  1. And how many people listen to the critics anyway? I sure wouldn’t be married to my guy if I’d listened to everyone else! Happy b-day to your hubby! What a wonderful gift you crafted for him!

    • So true. I mean, everyone has their input whenever you start a relationship I suppose…and really for a long time afterward apparently! But we’re happy and that’s what counts. Thank you so much!

  2. Happy Birthday to the husband of Marissa! πŸ™‚ Take him on a date !!!!! ANd I would not walk out on your movie. And I would tap my foot to the music. But I would NOT watch the nude scenes. Sorry. I am a bit of a prude! Hahahahahaha. No, really.

    • Many thanks from the husband of Marissa. We actually went to Cheesecake Factory but I have to admit, we had two little monkeys in tow. Does that count as a date? As for the nude scenes, definitely not to be taken too literally. You can see the PG version.

      • Dates with monkeys can be quite entertaining. It’s better than when the monkeys get older and can’t find time to be with you on your dates. !!! Sorry about that spoiler alert!

        And I did not take the nude scenes too literally….or I would be trying to type with my hands over my eyes yelling NANANANANANANANANANANANA so I didn’t see or hear !!!! πŸ˜€

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