If I Were Moses’ Mother

Of all stories in the Bible
I really must quip
As to whether God and Moses
had a healthy relationship
And to analyze
this matter even further
What would I say
if I was Moses’ mother?

Admittedly it would be
hard to understand it
After freeing the Jews and the business
with the 10 Commandments
I’d probably want to know
what he thought there was to it
And ask him, “If God asked you to jump off a bridge
would you do it?”

I’d say “You are a person
of your own free will!
You keep hanging out with that God boy,
you’ll get yourself killed!
Nothing good will come of it,
he’ll lead you on the road to ruin!
Why don’t you go see
what that nice Satan boy is doing?”


33 thoughts on “If I Were Moses’ Mother

  1. Ahh, yes, there’s that misspent youth kicking in again….trying to lead Moses astray….I just can’t believe you! (Well-done verse, though, will give you that!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Beyond perfect!! Book? Book? “C’mon Marissa, when are you gonna write a book?? Why are you hiding your talent from the rest of the world, along with your pretty, face behind all that hair? (that’s if I were YOUR mother)
    ps. Can I convince you to let me use this poem as a blog prompt for narrative prose? I’m going crazy with the ideas – – it’s brilliant! And I would be honored to link to this poem as the capper, of course!

    • Oh Stephanie, it’s always especially flattering to hear your compliments knowing you are such a brilliant (and now even more accomplished) writer. What I have seen lately from you, is nothing short of inspirational. I don’t know about the whole book idea, but I would love to start submitting articles for publication.
      As for the use of the poem for a blog prompt, oh, the sincerest form of flattery there! Yes, of course.
      And as for the hair, well, I suppose no one would know better than you! I’ve never seen such thick hair in my life!

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