I apologize if you are seeing this post twice. It didn’t seem to get out to a lot of my readers.

Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth

imgres-28She couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen the stars,
Although she swore she visited Mars,
And floated through the Milky Way,
A path from which she went astray.

When she had to be let go,
Like Alice down the rabbit hole,
To the gravity that would not hold her girth,
As she came careening down to earth.

And though I doubted the truth of where she was from,
When she said she was hanging with Major Tom,
Endlessly circling the atmosphere,
And wishing that his wife were there.

As she floated through the delicate balance,
Space truckin’ the Aurora Borealis,
Skipping through Venus’ fiery dunes,
And forever trying to catch the moon.

But somehow she defied the material,
So luminous and so ethereal,
With feet that never quite touched ground,
But in her wake moon dust footprints found.

Then one day she just disappeared,
She said she was not…

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