Back To School Night Stinks

Back to school night,
is so wonderful indeed,
It often makes me regret,
ever having had to leave.

As I’m immediately taken,
with a weird need to transgress,
Deeply seated in my distain,
for teachers and midget sized desks.

But the other night was quite exceptional,
as my son played the part,
By a mid lecture emittance,
also known as a fart.

And try as I might,
there was little hope of masking,
The fact that all of us,
were hysterically laughing.

Cause nothing’s funnier then,
a well timed passing of gas,

And I’m thankful the teacher
didn’t ask us
if there was something
we’d like to share
with the class.


14 thoughts on “Back To School Night Stinks

      • You know, it’s funny, I actually felt kind of bad for the teacher because she really seemed like a nice woman and I almost wish I could have included her in our joke. I hope she didn’t think it was anything she did, i.e., that we were laughing at her.

  1. Funny what a universal situation this is–my wife and I returned to my hometown to raise our kids around their extended family and I eventually found myself in familiar classrooms on Back To School Night, with a few other “alumnae” parents I invariably found myself in the back row of undersized desks (and me 6’3, 300#) elbowing a guy I’d sat beside 30 years earlier, in the same damn seat, wise-assing and laughing. I just cut and pasted yer pome and emailed it to him,.

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