Avoidance 101

Oh no, here comes Brenda,
I could not be more annoyed,
My body goes into flight mode,
My mind screams out “Avoid!”

I can’t take the risk of her seeing me,
I’ll do all in power,
To avert an insipid conversation in which,
She will talk for hours.

But no escape route seems plausible,
There’s no disguise that will help,
To change course now would only serve to make,
A spectacle of myself.

But I fear it is too late,
As here Brenda draws nigh,
And there’s no mistaking that she has,
Looked me straight in the eye.

So I think of excuses I could make,
My mind begins to race,
While I plaster a huge, phony,
Smile on my face.

A Herculean effort that takes,
Every fiber of my being,
But never quite prepares me,
For what it seems that I am seeing.

For Brenda pulls her hat down low,
She pulls her coat collar high,
Ducks a bit, increases her pace,
And quickly walks on by.


32 thoughts on “Avoidance 101

      • Yes, we should feel lucky if this actually happened but I suspect most of us would feel burned. It’s one thing to think they are not worth your company. It’s another thing entirely for them to feel the same of you!

      • So true. And this was actually based on an experience where I was meeting up with an old friend who I never really liked but I thought it was the ‘thing to do’ since she was in the area. Totally dreaded the meeting only to find she ended it rather abruptly.

    • Unacceptable Mike! I’ll expect you to be checking iPhones, computers and whatever devices you have at your disposal to to keep up with the wit and wisdom that is Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth…or perhaps I should just stop all forms of blogging until you return…

      • Crikey I read this comment having already forgotten what I said in my previous one and thought it was Shirl telling me off (again) for not remembering to recover the bin the dustmen had emptied! Then I got it – I will travel with tablet thing yet I have never quite mastered it i.e. turning it on that is.

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