Waking Up Dead

Deep in sleep I was when a dream,
so awful did occur,
I was heading down a mountain,
life going by in a blur.

When the car I was in crashed,
and I saw my body lying still,
And from it my soul ascended,
rest assured I had been killed.

And then I awoke,
and it occurred to me a fright,
For if you die in your dreams,
supposedly you die in real life.

And one look in the mirror,
proved it sure enough,
My skin gray and translucent,
I looked like death warmed up.

I spoke to my family about,
the day ahead and all their chores,
To find in no uncertain terms,
I was completely ignored.

Sent a bunch of texts and emails,
all of which confirmed,
that I truly must be dead,
since none of them were returned.

I decided to go into work,
since no truer was the test,
And there i found my boss,
amidst the most terrible mess.

And if i was merely an apparition,
somehow I caught his sight,
As he bellowed, “This is all your fault,
now make it right!”

And from then on forward,
there seemed not much transgression,,
As my life plods on by,
in a somewhat similar succession.

So that to this day I find it,
still impossible to tell,
If I am alive,
or if I’ve died and gone to hell.








I’d like to thank http://moxieinthemaking1.wordpress.com/ for turning me on to this prompt.

See her take on it here:



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