Tanking Tanka

Would it be okay
If I wrote a tanka that
Rhymed or maybe just
One with hyphenated lines
Or would you say “No tanka.”




21 thoughts on “Tanking Tanka

      • Less of the ‘so bad it’s good’ – you do yourself down. You write the very finest verse you know. Also the ‘tank you’ reminded me a little too much of young Svetlana the Polish waitress from our local cafe of choice. She always says ‘tank you’ – I must away for a cold shower!

      • Yes, I edited your comment. You know, it’s so funny, I didn’t know you could edit a comment someone else made on your blog. This gives me all kinds of evil thought about the words we can put in each other’s mouths. If we ever got trolls we could just change their comments to ‘I love that, and completely agree.’ How maddening would that be for them?

        Anyway, as always a pleasure to hear fromm you Stephanie! Glad you enjoyed!

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