Genius Misguided

imgresHe waited for an hour,
And then an hour more,
Resolutely he decided,
The selection of his chore.

The handwriting must be impeccable,
The spelling must be correct,
Grammar to the letter,
So that no one would suspect.

The excuse would be bulletproof,
The alibi watertight,
As time ticked away into,
The better part of the night.

And when finally he was done,
Almost beyond belief,
The pride he took in admiring,
His fraudulent masterpiece.

He kissed the very paper,
Wearing a self satisfied smirk,
At the pains he would take to get out of,
Doing his homework.



42 thoughts on “Genius Misguided

  1. Nice one Marissa – you could have been in a time warp writing about this old fool that is me all those years ago. Well save for the spelling part – never much good at that!

  2. So timely! Yesterday was the first day that my boys brought homework home. One forgot his, while the other two did theirs. The printer died, so I had to get to work early, print it out, drive it to his school, then come back to work. Who is the homework for? 🙂

    • That is so true. We are constantly having to do our children’s homework, particularly my son’s since he is older and has more of it. We are trying homeschooling this year. I hear there is less busy work, hopefully for everyone!

      • I lived in a house where there was not a lot of Love, Marissa. Fear and pain were prevelent. If I had different circumstances, I may have been tempted to be a “normal” kid. I breathed wrong and I got punished. So please don’t extol me too much because I really don’t know what I would have done IF my fear of my mother was not so great. xx Amy

  3. What a wonderful poem! I wish that there were more students like this one……………………….shoot I wish that I was more of a student like this one is.

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