Ooooh….That Smell

Did you get a whiff of the air?
Something is smelling quite rotten,
And whatever happened to that watermelon?
Is it laying in the fridge forgotten?!

And then with a look of absolute fear,
We all ran to the fridge,
And tossed aside the many items,
To find where the watermelon hid.

And indeed there lie that offending fruit,
Buried behind the meat,
Now far beyond questionable,
For anyone to eat.

But rather it seemed it mutated into,
A completely different form,
And perhaps would soon grow arms and legs,
And walk right out the door.

Or maybe it would turn into a monster,
An easy metamorphosis,
And in return for our neglect,
It would lock us up and torture us.

Or perhaps we should take it’s picture,
And post it on Facebook,
So all of our friends can become sick to their stomaches,
After having a look.

But I think it would be much more appropriate,
To act as if we’re doing a favor,
And try to pass it off as pickles,
And give it to our neighbors.



41 thoughts on “Ooooh….That Smell

  1. Ahhh! I had a couple of cucumbers that did the same thing and would have felt right at home with your watermelon. Never thought to pass ’em off as pickles, though!

    • Silly?! Why I thought this was a very important verse of our time!! I was going to pass it on to some rather important people for a possible recitation, but I must say, you made me think twice!!

      (Just kidding of course-thanks for you feedback, always great to hear from you Mike!)

      • Silly verse is a genre in itself – not many are brave enough to take it on. In that regard did you ever read any of Spike Milligan’s. If not you really should for I believe they would have great appeal to you.

      • In response to your comment, I just did a bit of Googling on Spike Milligan. Yes, definitely funny and appealing from the little bit I saw. A little Shel Silverstein, a bit of Rudyard Kipling. Thanks for the introduction.

    • Thanks. I was actually worried about the relatability factor but just figured it would be cute and funny for a Labor Day weekend. Then again, the inspiration did come from a friend who posted a pic of their rotted watermelon on FB so….

  2. We left uncooked chicken in the fridge for too long. We had forgotten about it until the house smelled like an animal died in it. It was hidden stealthily in the back of the fridge and it was awful! I don’t think I could’ve passed it off as anything to my neighbors. 🙂

  3. I am wondering if this isn’t the return of the pod people from outer space. And don’t forget The Thing was a vegetable. Makes me wonder. Are vegans really vegans or are they Venusians in disguise?

  4. How I laughed at this one, Marissa. I just had the same experience, smelling something rotten, throwing out just about everything in that fridge and still smelling that rotten. Then I saw it. Tin foil wrapped around that something rotten. Raw meat I had cut up for one of my cats and um forgotten about. I really enjoyed your words. Pickles? Hmmmmm …… Love, Amy

  5. I don’t know his I missed this. Funny as usual. As an adult I’ve had far fewer instances of this kind of thing than I did in college. Back then we had to move all the spoiled food out of the way to find something edible.

  6. Ugh! I will never look at watermelon the same way…and then to come on here and read some of these comments about other foods….grief! 🙂 Anyway, wonderful verse there,….most impressed…but even more impressed with the ending!

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