They say he’d been here before, a long time ago,
But now with a new determination,
He was ready to do what he would have to do,
To become a blues guitar sensation.

And so he returned to Rosedale,
But now with fingers of gold,
And everyone swore it was a pact with the devil,
Bought in return for his soul.

But perhaps I am too cynical,
Of myths and fables I’d just as soon disregard,
But I’ll say he simply went off to his room,
And practiced really hard.


27 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. You hit the nail on the head. Why is it people want to think that great art comes without any practice? As you and I know, it takes a huge amount of commitment. I once heard Yo-Yo Ma say that if he missed a day of practice, he would know. If he missed two days, we would know.

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    • I think you’ve already sold your soul to the devil if that’s the case…Anyway, sorry to take the mystique out of the story, but I was reading how Robert Johnson came on to the blues scene and totally sucked and then he went away for a while and came back great. Everyone swore he made a pact with the devil. I think he just locked himself in his room with his guitar for a while!

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