The Princess And The Pea-Brained

A prince, it seems, who was obsessed,
With finding himself a true princess,
And tests the girls he might be wedding,
By the discomforts of their bedding,
By singling out the chosen she,
Complaining of a single pea.

But I’m sure he’ll find there’s still one hitch,
The princess is a complete bitch!
For someone quite so finicky,
To be upset by a single pea,
Will soon pick the thing to be,
Unwanted in her bed is he.

Fallen Princesses_Diane Goldstein_Princess and the pea

41 thoughts on “The Princess And The Pea-Brained

  1. Great fun poem! What’s weird is, this morning I woke up thinking about that tale. Nothing provoked it, and now here you are…thanks for the laugh and strange feeling.

    • That is quite a coincidence. I was actually explaining the story to my daughter in reference to not being so sensitive when I got the idea so it kind of just came to me randomly as well!

  2. Yep, am jumping on the bandwagon requesting a book deal for you…..though I don’t think you’d have to call it a book of poetry per se, maybe just call it a book of hilarity or poetic odds and ends – something like that.

  3. At least it was a ‘pea’ as opposed to a ‘pe….’ A rather gentle, lovely take on an old tale – oddly I just posted about a princess. Must be something to do with the weather!

  4. As the saying goes …. Like attracts Like. As to opposites. But I go with number one here, because that matches your poem. You showed me a great piece of art today again, Marissa. Thank you! Love, Amy

  5. You might want to give a look at Anne Sexton’s Transformations and Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber. Both writers have retold of fairy tales. Think you would enjoy both.

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