Spotlight on the Rock and Roll Supermom: Marissa Bergen

It’s been a long time since anyone has wanted to interview me. I am so flattered that Marie of my Wild Surmise, my sistah from another mistah, took the time to publish this. Surely I am not worthy. Thank you Marie!

My Wild Surmise


I’m extremely fortunate to have a few loyal friends and supporters of my little blog, especially considering that I have no particular background or expertise in music, about which I am ostensibly writing. All I really have is a burning passion for music and a strange desire to spill my guts to the world, no matter how painfully humiliating that may be. But the same can’t be said for the queen of all my blog buddies, rocker chick extraordinaire, Marissa Bergen. I mean, she obviously has the burning passion thing and the spill her guts thing too, but she also actually has some experience in the music biz that doesn’t involve playing the flute in band and taking piano lessons from the beehived Mrs. Sullivan. But enough cheap, sneaky plugs for my blog, let’s talk to Marvelous Marissa…

1. Tell us the story of how you started your band, Sisters…

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17 thoughts on “Spotlight on the Rock and Roll Supermom: Marissa Bergen

  1. This was a terrific interview and I am so impressed with this whole glimpse into your other adventurous life. Also Bravo to you and your husband’s serious involvement in the organization to help other kids enter the School of Rock…. Way to go! I am curious what kind of musician your dad was? Also did Victoria say “We get what we can take” instead of “We take what we can get?” Only I would take note of the wordplay switcheroo. Loved this read!!

    • Thanks Stephanie. My father played in bands as a keyboard player and also did quite a bit of music production. I remember a lot of the work he did from 70s when he was still around. He worked with a lot of rock and pop bands at that time. My mother still occasionally stalks him and says he is now doing music management and did some kind of work on The Lion King with Alan Menkin which is very impressive but I honestly don’t pay much attention.

      As for Victoria, first of all, kudos on even telling us apart! I had to replay the video to catch that one. I would owe that more to nervousness than anything else but it’s a good one just the same! Your eye for detail is amazing!

      • Yes, I admit I kind of skimmed through it trying to find my sister’s faux pas. All the same, you’d be surprised how many people we would come across who we would tell who’s who and they would instantly forget.

        No problem about my dad. It happened to long ago it is no longer a source of pain. These things happen…

  2. Wonderful interview, my rock chick blog bud!! Well done.. You know I love your writing and you are a favourite commenter on my own page… Now that I am reforming my former band, I shall be calling on you for plenty of advice! I do keyboards and vocals… But now, in my fast approaching antiquity, I am transitioning to backing vocals to let the youngsters lead the party. Haha! Girl, we’re still shopping a bassist…

  3. Loved it, Marissa! How cool was that? I really enjoyed watching the interview of you and your sister. I also found it very interesting that, in light of your comment on my blog about Alice, that the post would end with an Alice song. You’re in good company. 🙂

  4. hello Marissa Bergen i nominated youre blog for the V.I.B.A Award 🙂
    congrats with this award and keep up the good work .
    hans stellingsma .

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