Sam I Am

There is a boy named Sam,
No one seems to have a clue,
Whenever I mention him,
They just seem to ask “Who?”

And it is at that point,
A conclusion I must reach here,
That I find that he really has,
Not one distinguishing feature.

He might be racially ambiguous,
Or perhaps he is white,
Brown hair and eyes but the rest forgotten,
Once he leaves my sight.

He is neither short nor tall,
Neither fat nor very thin,
In fact the only characteristic,
That stands out about him,

Would be a certain title,
Sad that I must render,
But to say “You know, he’s the boy
That no one can remember.”


29 thoughts on “Sam I Am

  1. I am here to tell you that you have a book in you. Either of these short ones. (I think of them as short stories.) Or maybe you might try writing a novel using verse. There are a number of these and they are well done.

    • Thanks so much Don. That is quite a compliment. I always think that nowadays, when someone hears the words poetry and book used together, they cringe. Food for thought nevertheless.

  2. Oh no, something sort of ominous about this one! He’s the kid who becomes the serial killer… Or not, maybe just makes a ton of money doing something and everyone is surprised.

  3. Wow – this is sad and deep story, but imperative, You just created a start for your first book. I am in good hopes you will continue writing your first short book!!

  4. Everyone’s greatest fear spelled out in verse. You do hit things smack on the head you know? As always…well done and much enjoyed!

  5. Another distinguishing feature may be his like of green eggs and ham. I didn’t read all the comments. Sorry if I’m the tenth person to say this. And yes, Don, the first commenter is right. You could put out a great book. It’s not that hard.

    • So, you are the first to make the Dr. Seuss reference.

      I always read the writing prompt from Word Press every morning to see if I can do something with it. Today’s is about backhanded compliments. Kind of ironic after reading this…ahem…’you could put out a great book. It’s not that hard…” Ha, ha…just kidding, I’m sure it wasn’t intended this way, just think it’s funny.

  6. You poem is powerful with a distinctive kick at the end. It does what all good poetry must, it makes your readers think about and it’s theme long after the poem has been read.

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