Rainy Day Women #13 and 36

images-1One look onto the world outdoors,
Assures me it not only rains but pours,
Which makes it an easy decision,
To spend the afternoon with the Rainy Day Women.

They’ll come in giggling and singing the tune,
Looking like wild women from the local saloon,
Then sexy, sultry they will slouch,
Their liquid forms adorn my couch.

They’ll giggle endlessly at Oprah,
Sing requiems for the stone cold sober,
Who may not understand our bliss,
For an outside world that does not exist.

Tell Dylan we will not forget,
His claims not to be an advocate,
But contemplate our best laid plans,
And assume he understands.

But tell Fogerty of an afternoon euphorious,
We’ve seen the rain and it is glorious.


52 thoughts on “Rainy Day Women #13 and 36

  1. Well done! I’m hearing strains of BJ Thomas, now that I’m thinking of pop/rock songs with rain themes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Funny, I woke up this morning with Dylan’s “TheTimes They Are A Changing” on my mind. And now another Dylan reference from you. Although your poem is far moe upbeat and fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My introduction to the Rainy Day Women is so charming: Theyโ€™ll come in giggling and singing the tune, Looking like wild women from the local saloon,” and their liquid forms filling your couch is a clever way of explaining what is happening. Nice job, Marissa!

  4. Bob Dylan’s 116th Dream

    I was standing on the Mayflower
    Studying Pilgrm rock
    Thinking that I needed
    A pair of Puritan socks

    When Ol’ George Washington
    Showed me a cherry tree
    And Johnny Appleseed
    Came out to recruit me

    For an American revolution
    I loaded my musket
    With fire and with oil
    And some hard tack bisuits

    Went to Lexington town
    Ate some Concord grapes
    Heard Paul Revere announce
    “The British they can’t escape.'”

    Pulled out my big old musket
    Popped bullets in my gun
    The Name Of a Redcoat
    On each and every one.

    We took down those Redcoats
    It was some kind of day
    When Mister John Adams
    Gave us a big hurrah.

    Folks came from far and wide
    For the tickertape parade
    To give we Minutemen
    A big glass of lemonade

    We took those British lemons
    Stirred in some Rock ‘n’ Roll
    Gave them some Dylan words
    Some Elvis Presley soul.

    So if you’re looking about yourself
    And you see a big man comin’
    Just remember those days
    When we had the British runnin’.

  5. I have only one serious complaint about this. This poem is far to short. I love your rainy day women, and would love to sit around watching Oprah with them, although that is not where I thought you were going at first.

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