4 A.M.

it’s 4 in the morning
It’s too late to care
So I guess the best thing about you
Is you’re here
Lookin’ at me
While I’m lookin’ at you
And deciding you really ain’t much
But you’ll do.


18 thoughts on “4 A.M.

      • I’ve been missing blogging, too! I got some freelance work which has been taking what was my blogging time. That and buying a house and moving and vacation. Sheesh. But I’ll be back (say in Terminator voice). Sorry for being so delayed on my responses to your blogs, too! I don’t know how you do it! You are awesome.

      • Thanks Sparrow. I’ve been kind of wondering what’s happening with you because I notice your output it slowing down but didn’t want to pry. No worries, it’s actually awesome that you respond at all. I think if many bloggers were no longer blogging (even temporarily) they probably wouldn’t be reading either!

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