Gathered Rosebuds

His beautiful wife, the lines on her face,
The years of youth they seem to erase,
Yet he will never see her so crudely,
And only sees time to increase her beauty.

And it makes him so sad when she does appear,
To turn away from her reflection in the mirror,
And look longingly at her slit skirts before they are dismissed,
With fonder memories, a bittersweet reminisce.

And so to a flower shop he does enquire,
To send a bouquet from a secret admirer,
So that his wife may secretly gloat,
About who would send her such flowers but not a note.

And so he comes home and says to her “Pray,
Tell me what special things happened today!”
Only to see his wife’s mood was not lifted,
By these dozen roses so secretly gifted.

Ideas of an admirer for her may exist,
A notion the woman has quickly dismissed,
“An old woman like me just puts them in water,
For surely such beauty was meant for my daughter.”


30 thoughts on “Gathered Rosebuds

  1. It is late, oh yes it is
    When he lays him down
    And knows he does miss
    Her smile and her frown.
    Days do pass one by one.
    His bride of fifty years
    Has died and gone on,
    But her voice, he hears
    In the very late at night
    Speaking her love and care
    That him she does await
    To hold close again
    No matter how long it takes
    For that long white train
    To deliver him where
    She stands at the station
    To kiss him a kiss so rare
    On that happy occasion.

  2. Quite the loveliest of verses – a tale of one mans stupidity for all he had to do was gift the roses himself, one to one. First verse was a gem for even though I’m 108 and the wife a mere 101 that is exactly how I see the old boot!

  3. Wow! That is a fantastic poem! I was going to say one of your best ever, but you’ve written so many that are so good that I can’t say any are better than others. This one is really brilliant!

  4. As a humble satirist and no student of the fine arts I fear my assessment of this rather beautiful poem is somewhat less than worthless. Nevertheless I shall press on regardless and thank you for it. Well done indeed.

  5. Wow. Just wow. I just told my readers to come visit you here and mentioned your fantastic endings. How in the world do you do this?? I try, try, try….but my conclusions always fall flat. Start an online seminar. Call it, “Famous Last Words.” You’ll make a killing.
    ps. I loved the entire thing and sadly, can relate a little too much.

    • Stephanie, I am so flattered to hear you say that. Every time I read your posts I am so blown away and never disappointed by the endings. You don’t know how much that means coming from you. So appreciated!

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