The Ends Justify The Genes

A nose too long, an imperfect chin,
Seemed a good place to begin,
A snip here, an implant there,
‘Til she made a whole disguise to wear.

And soon the surgery replaced,
Every feature of her face,
But when browsing yearbooks of her alma mater,
She saw a dead ringer for her daughter.



25 thoughts on “The Ends Justify The Genes

  1. I had my tummy tucked
    Took some off my butt
    Up my chin
    Tightene my skin
    Had the eyes polished
    And the freckles demolished
    So there I was
    Without any fuzz
    Thanks to my doctor
    Frankenstein’s chopper.

  2. Brief and very much to the point. Loved it. Sometimes people do not realise how beautiful they are and have become before they subject themselves to the knife, mores the pity. You say it all so pithily, I don’t know why I’m warbling on here

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