Mice and Rats and Rodents, Oh My!

The first time rodents got in our way,
Was in our studio apartment on NY’s Ave A,
When in our closet we heard squeaking,
And on our still wrapped spaghetti they were feasting.

And then we threw up such a fuss,
That through our neighbor’s door we nearly bust,
And made them privy to our drama,
While dressed in fuzzy purple pajamas.

And so the girls came down quite composed,
And of the rodents they disposed,
While we looked on in disbelief,
And awe and shame but mostly relief.

This did all come at a high cost,
As our tough girl reputation was surely lost,
Sisters Grimm, our band name wearing thin,
As for weeks we were known as the Sissies Grimm.



5 thoughts on “Mice and Rats and Rodents, Oh My!

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  2. Ha! You know what scares me even more than squeaking mice is dead mice. Would rather have them alive and running around than dead in a trap and I have to deal with them. Not sure what that’s about.

    • That’s weird. Maybe you are hoping that it will just leave on it’s own! I would prefer them dead but the act of getting rid of the body is horrifying as well. Once my sister and I found a dead one in our apartment and after about an hour of trying to rationalize why neither of us should be the one to dispose of the body, we found an album cover to put under it, a bucket to put over it, and then ran to the window screaming!

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