Like my dear old grandmother
I find it difficult to budge,
From a negative viewpoint
created by a grudge.

But I can’t say my poor husband
didn’t try to warn me,
Knowing I’d soon see the object
of my hostility.

As he advised me to try
to be the bigger person,
When seeing she whose actions
caused me the aversion.

I smiled when I saw her
and tried to rise above,
But when alone with her in the bathroom, well,
who’d’ve thought there’d be so much blood?

Now I sit confined in these 4 walls
trying to seem repentant,
To this woman for whom I still harbor
quite a deep resentment.

For though they say I gave her
a bit more than she deserved,
Sometimes I still wonder
how she could have had the nerve.


23 thoughts on “Begrudged

  1. Oh,…..hate to admit this, but I am also one of those who finds it, “difficult to budge,
    From a negative viewpoint
    created by a grudge.”

    Excellent verse as always!

  2. Historically I am very much like minded. Howevvvvvvver…..just a few weeks ago I had a very brief moment where I let go of something. I didn’t have time to think. I did what was right for me. “Waved” and when I threw my hand up it’s like I threw a huge weight through the window with it. πŸ™‚

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