And So The Caged Bird Sings

His lyrics and his music,
All repeats of the same,
And after so many years,
Even he admits it’s lame.

But still before the cheering fans,
He lifts up his guitar,
And plays the same notes nightly,
That make him want to barf.

The last album was dismal,
The one before was worse,
His fleeting inspiration,
Stands before him like a curse.

The simplistic rhythms,
The melodramatic rhymes,
Of being vexed with the sonic hex,
Of playing Freebird one more time.



41 thoughts on “And So The Caged Bird Sings

  1. You make a good point…singing or reciting the same thing over and over, and over and over….gets BORING and denies creativity! Kind of like a child who wants to hear the same favored story over and over and over again….and the parent gets sick of it!

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