The Opportunist

A single man he has no filter,
When it comes to the woman he’s bedding,
And thinks it wise not to reject invitations,
For either funerals or weddings.

A red rose carefully plucked,
From many a floral arrangement,
Can easily serve as an opening line,
To lead to flirtatious engagement.

He says, “Call me if you need anything,
You know where I can be found.”
He puts a comforting arm on a grieving widow’s shoulder,
While the tombstone’s still fresh in the ground.

And bridesmaids who wallow in pity,
Desperate to catch the bouquet,
May want to question the first man they see,
Hasten to come their way.

As he licks his lips lasciviously,
And can’t believe his luck,
Lest you think it the buffet table of French pastries,
Or the succulent Peking duck.

For though he might seem the caring sort,
You might question his motivation,
And be a bit wiser to this womanizer,
When he accepts your invitation.



20 thoughts on “The Opportunist

  1. Definitely a Four Weddings and A Funeral kind of post. Throw in a little music and you might have a hit song. Oh, that’s right. You did punk. Well, it could be a real crowd pleaser. Okay, I could be an encore. Something to leave your thousands of fans wanting more.

  2. WELL DONE! The undercurrent is fantastic….as if experienced with such a shark-like creature. Personally, I shy away from using words like duck or luck. My natural mind (the old nature, you understand) would be tempted to add another word…saved for special occasions. Used it— !!!! —in a limerick once, by the “fill-in-the-blank” device…twice, now that I remember ( ! ), including a three-stanza limerick poem describing the difficulties of writing a sonnet…and the required result (vs. the relative ease of 15 lines of limerick).

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