The Midway Walk of Shame

I scurry for the exit
in the dawn’s early haze,
After a wrong turn caused an entanglement
through the mirror maze.

Which reflected a disheveled figure,
distorted in the light of morning,
Wearing last night’s skimpy outfit,
and clutching her belongings.

But my direction becomes clear,
when I hear the eerie bells,
And dulcet tones that come from the testing,
of the carousel.

And find myself ejected,
into the breakfast nook,
Where the dwarf mutters hello,
and greets me with a knowing look.

When awkwardly I stand before,
out the door I sneak,
After realizing that here,
I am the one that is the freak.

I see glitter in the gutter,
reflections of the night,
And the carnival tent looks dingy,
in the early morning light.

As I piece together an evening,
that might have got a little crazy,
After emerging from the bedchamber,
of the bearded lady.


21 thoughts on “The Midway Walk of Shame

  1. This brilliant. A trip in a funhouse mirror. And I did not expect that bearded lady. I thought the carnival was going to end up being a metaphorical representation of the Lower East Side. You always surprise me 🙂

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