The F Bomb

Kim, Michelle and me and Stef,
We swore we all were BFFs,
But then Kim got a boyfriend and it seemed for sure,
She didn’t want to be our friend no more.

And then Michelle started hanging out with Jenn,
So we never spoke to her again,
Which left me and good old Steffy,
But then I turned rock and she turned preppy.

And we drifted apart and so much has changed,
As we reunite on a Facebok page,
A cycle that has run complete,
With memories so bittersweet.

But I guess that now we all know best,
And probably should have left off that last F.





25 thoughts on “The F Bomb

  1. I simply have no idea how you manage to do these time after time, imparting a message, telling a story, and entertaining all at the same time. You really are quite something! (Do hope you’ve found new BFs to fill in the gaps!)

    • First of all, thanks for your kind words. I guess I’m one of those who has gotten burned and disappointed so many times through friendship that I tend to be somewhat of a loner. That being said, family does a great job of filling in the gaps as do the many ‘friends’ I have met on the blogosphere.

  2. Well at least this poem points out that we do grow somewhat wiser with age. Or at least more jaded…or something. What I mean is, when we’re young we really have no idea that we will change, or what “forever” means. Strange how we can watch these divergent pieces of our young selves keep going on Facebook forever, though 🙂 Not sure if this rambly comment makes sense. Anyway, I like the poem.

    • You know I did think of you when I wrote this and hoped you wouldn’t think it was at all a reference to you. I actually had a friend named Stefanie (with an F) who liked to be called Stef and Steffy. Kim and Michelle were my friends as well.
      Your Blogher conference seems like a lot if fun. I’m glad you saw that Fran comment in all the craziness. Funny, huh?

      • I never thought it referenced me. But I do think of writing something that references as many of my followers as I possibly can to see what their reactions are. BlogHer was exhausting! And after a while, I just started hiding in my room or the restrooms because I cannot keep the “outgoing pretense” up for that long! Will post something soon. When did Fran die? Sad.

      • Re referencing your followers, that would be funny.

        I definitely get what you mean about not being able to keep up your outgoing pretense. It can be exhausting to always be ‘on’. I bet Blogher was a great experience. I wish I could attend something like that.

        I think our dear Fran is alive and well. I hadn’t heard anything but googled after you mentioned it and then saw an article that it was just one of those hoaxes. Hopefully that’s the case.

    • Karen, what’s going on? I don’t understand this at all. Did something happen? If I made you feel bad for something I said I apologize. I honestly have no idea what this is about. Was something taken out of context? Please feel free to email me privately at I love your poetry and think you are awesome!! What’s going on??

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