Road Trip!! (A True Story of Sisterly Love)

Just me and my girlie lookin’ for action,
Headin’ out to Cali from Manhattan,
It was New Year’s Day and we set out like truckers,
Packed the coatcheck, grabbed the tips and said, “See you suckers!”

8 long days driving through strange towns,
And it would have been 7 if we didn’t break down,
So we called our mother and said, “Hook us up!”
And a few hours later we were stylin’ in a Uhaul truck.

And I know the Scorpions said Arizona was a gas,
But not after hitting into a hotel’s overpass,
Sorry about the major interference,
But who knew the truck didn’t pass the clearance?

Checked in and let the cats out of their coop,
They decided it would be a good time to poop,
Packed up our stuff, moved back in the car,
And told them all we wrecked hotel rooms just like rock stars.

Then as luck would have it, wouldn’t you know,
Got back on the road when it started to snow,
So another set back before arriving,
Got a moving violation for erratic driving.

Causing all kinds of mayhem and drama,
Moving down the freeway like outlaw mamas,
Laying our heads wherever we roamed,
And the fuzz couldn’t catch us ‘cause we had no home.

Glad we saw the Hollywood Freeway cause after a while,
Got sick of eatin’ 7-11 like it was going out of style,
Takin’ a road trip it’s California or bust,
Cause Thelma and Louise got nothing on us!



23 thoughts on “Road Trip!! (A True Story of Sisterly Love)

  1. Thelma and Louise would be proud! I love that photo! Is that the trip that landed you out in Cali for good?

  2. As I read I think I detected dear Janis singing this one! Splendid stuff – and you must forgive an old fool for saying so, yet rather lovely snap of you both!

    • Oh thank you! Must warn you though, pick is rather old. I thought it best to retire the hot pants, some time after turning 30, not a moment too soon for my husband who would have rather I retired them immediately following our marriage!

      • Well in the immortal words of that fine – now very old actor Leslie Phillips (you might have to Google him) I was, and still am saying, ‘ding dong’ to the pic!

  3. I’m so relieved that I was not the only one rapping (not pretty) to this. 🙂 And I don’t know any rap. Something tells me there was more fun had than what you shared. 😉

    • You are number on commenter exraordinaire. I am constantly quoting your comments to other bloggers (no need to worry I assure) but you are always so on the mark. Yes, Colleen, I had to fight with myself to omit, well, at least one of the verses!

      • OHHHHHHHHHH……. well now don’t I want to know that one verse? Of course I do. 😉 And I’m quotable??? YOU ARE MY FAVORITE TODAY! 🙂 Quote away Marissa.

  4. I was going to say ‘just like Thelma and Louse,’ then got to the last line. What a trip! What sisters. I’ve never gotten to drive across the US. Should have probably done that before I had twins, but oh well, I’ll do it sometime!

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